More than half of web users can use HTML5 video?

January 7, 2011 at 6:44 pm in video

A great article over at the VideoJS blog states:

As we roll into 2011, HTML5 video hits a major milestone. 50.5% of web users now support HTML5 video playback. This number was gathered by comparing browser versions that support HTML5 video with StatCounter’s world-wide browser version statistics.

You can

I’m exceptionally excited about this, and you should be too. We’re a step closer to being able to provide video to end users without them having to worry about plugins or codecs. There’s a long way to go, but this is certainly an improvement from the days where Internet Explorer 6 had 80% of the marketshare.

You can find more detailed information on incorporating HTML5 video with appropriate fallbacks in the book.

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