HTML5 and CSS3 Second Edition In Beta

June 19, 2013 at 12:18 am in HTML5

In the last three years, HTML5 and CSS3 have only gotten better, and browser support has improved vastly. We have many more tools in our arsenal, but the original HTML5 and CSS3 book I wrote in 2010 was quickly becoming out of date. IE6 and IE7 have been dropped by Microsoft, which opens up a lot more possibilities, and technologies that were just getting off the ground in 2010 are much more stable now. So it was time to do a new version of the book.

This revised second edition walks you through new features such as IndexedDB, CSS Animations, SVG, and more, along with updated fallback solutions. You’ll use HTML5’s new markup to create better structure for your content and better interfaces for your forms. You’ll work with new form controls and validations, and build interfaces that are accessible to assistive technology and mobile devices. You’ll draw with the Canvas and SVG, do simple animations with pure CSS, work with advanced CSS selectors, and make audio and video play natively.

You’ll bring your web apps to the next level as you use Web Storage and IndexedDB to save data on the client and make applications available offline. And you’ll discover how to use web sockets, geolocation, cross-document messaging, and the History API to create even more interactive applications.

Please go check it out over at the book’s web site.

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